Structural Steel Fabrication Services

The experienced and fully qualified team at Bromsgrove Steel offer a variety of structural steel fabrication services for our customers.

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    Guided by years of experience, our engineers seek to resolve the difficulties our clients may be experiencing within their unique projects, finding bespoke logistical solutions to streamline processes.

    We offer a range of fabrication operations, including:

    • Design assist
    • Detailing
    • CNC plasma cutting
    • Drilling
    • Tube bending
    • Coded welding
    • Several finishing services

    What is structural steel?

    Structural steel does not refer to one grade or type of steel; it more generally refers to a carbon steel (an alloy of iron and carbon, with a high percentage of carbon, usually around 2%). Carbon acts as a hardening property within steels, so the high carbon content within a structural steel highlights it as a hard steel. Favoured grades of structural steel include S235, S275, and S355.
    Structural steel can be formed into numerous profiles and dimensions for construction purposes, with the most common profiles being:

    • I-beams
    • Z-beams
    • Angle
    • Tee
    • Bar 
    • Rod

    What are the stages of our structural steel fabrication services?

    The first stage of our structural steel fabrication services may involve a design consultation, where specifications for the project are established. Succeeding this, the cutting and drilling of steel can commence, where plasma cutting or sawing may be used to cut the steel into workable sections.

    Bending is usually the following stage during this process, where the structure is curved through rolling, hammering, or other bending methods. Bending often fulfils architectural requirements and aesthetics.

    Welding is an auxiliary operation which joins two or more pieces of structural steel together through heat to form an end product.

    Secondary operations, such as engraving, and finishing operations, namely hot dipped galvanising and powder coating amongst others, can moreover be performed following the fabrication process.

    What are the applications of structural steel?

    The primary application of structural steel is for construction purposes. Structural steel can be found as the foremost material in bridges, as well as the frame for buildings and car parks, because of its strength and durability. Structural steel can also be used for access and egress structures, such as fire escapes, staircases, and ladders.

    Structural steel may be used for componentry within automotive, rail, agricultural, and aerospace industries because of its versatile and desirable properties.

    One of these properties includes fire resistance, which makes it a popular material within the energy and utility infrastructure, for applications such as gas and electric.


    Our Structural Steelwork Projects

    Structural fabrication refers to the process of converting raw structural steel into a finished product; final assembly stages may include amalgamating numerous individual pieces of steel into one. Typically, several stages are undertaken to produce a functional end product, using a variety of tools and equipment.

    Bromsgrove Steel is equipped with the expertise, equipment, and technology to deliver high quality structural steel fabrication services. We work in close collaboration with our customers to ensure project requirements and specifications are met, designing and manufacturing a product perfectly formed for its application.

    Our structural steel fabrication services are undertaken with a focus on quality; all steel products prior to dispatch are thoroughly checked, and Bromsgrove Steel only works with UKCA marked steel up to execution class 2. Our fabrication services are aided by CAD technology, to ensure products are manufactured to tight tolerances, and meet all outlined specifications.

    Alongside our structural steel fabrication services, Bromsgrove Steel assists in the construction process of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, providing design advice, erection, and installation services. Bromsgrove Steel has the capacity to provide these services nationwide.

    The expansive structural steel fabrication services provided by Bromsgrove Steel minister to a range of sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial construction.


    Bromsgrove Steel manufactures architectural steel installation