CNC Plasma Cutting Service

Bromsgrove Steel offers CNC plasma cutting as part of our cutting services for the fabrication of structural steel.

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    Guided by the precision of computer software, and our expert engineers’ steady hands, plasma cutting with Bromsgrove Steel produces high quality steel members and structures.

    The comprehensive fabrication service provided by Bromsgrove Steel, including our CNC plasma cutting facility, is determined by the requirements and specifications of individual projects. The team at Bromsgrove Steel has years of experience working alongside architects, structural engineers, and builders, resolving the difficulties often encountered during construction through our manufacturing practices.

    Compatible with most ferrous materials, including steel, plasma cutting offers a versatile and efficient method of cutting which is capable of producing a range of shapes, including curves and angles. Bromsgrove Steel is able to offer the creation of bespoke and standardised steel structures, enabled by our CNC plasma cutting.

    Plasma cutting utilises an ejection of compressed gas, which creates an electric arc between the plasma cutter and the workpiece, charging the gas, and allowing this electrically conducted plasma to melt and cut through the workpiece. With CNC plasma cutting (a Computer Numerical Controlled operation), this process is dictated by the programming of a computer.

    Beyond Our CNC Plasma Cutting Services...

    As well as CNC plasma cutting, Bromsgrove Steel further provides a comprehensive manufacturing service. This service commences with a site survey, where project specifications are determined, and design advice and assistance can be offered. Detailing, generated by CAD, then dictates following fabrication operations. Our fabrication service encompasses bending and rolling, coded welding, and a variety of finishing services - which is all undertaken using UKCA marked steel, and completed with thorough quality checks.

    Bromsgrove Steel serves clients across the nation, enabled by multiple forms of transport which allow us to offer delivery to site. Our site services further include installation and erection of steel structures, performed by our accredited onsite team.

    Our CNC plasma cutting services can be performed on all types of steel, providing a versatile service which can be adapted to meet the needs of every client.

    Bromsgrove Steel’s full fabrication operations are of service to the residential, commercial, and industrial sector. We manufacture steel structures, including frames for housing and buildings; access features such as stairs, ladders, and fire escapes; steel flooring; balustrades and handrail systems; steel gates, fencing, and doors; bespoke steel structures.

    A finished example of CNC plasma cutting for a residential building