Bromsgrove Steel performs hot dipped galvanising for our structural steel products which require increased protection within their application.

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    The engineering team at Bromsgrove Steel offers a full manufacturing service, providing our assistance from the beginning of a project to ensure we understand the complexities and specifications of the project at hand.

    We can then determine the correct finishing process for the individual structure, including the option of hot dipped galvanising.

    Hot dipped galvanising refers to the process of lowering steel into molten zinc, allowing for the zinc and iron within the steel to react and form a powerful coating on the steel. Galvanising is advantageous to a steel structure - protecting against corrosion, in a way which is cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. For these reasons, Bromsgrove Steel offers hot dipped galvanising as part of our wider manufacturing operations for the fabrication of structural steel.

    Hot dipped galvanising is the most prominent method of galvanising steel. This involves dipping steel into a bath of molten zinc, before allowing it to cool.

    Thermal spray can also be used to apply a coating of molten zinc onto a steel surface through the release of compressed air and molten zinc.

    Electroplating is typically used for smaller steel components; this involves submerging steel in an electrolyte solution and using an electric current to transfer zinc ions to the material.

    Structural Steel Galvanising

    With years of experience behind us, Bromsgrove Steel offers assistance at all stages of the manufacturing process. We provide site surveys, working in conjunction with architects and structural engineers to determine the best course of action for a streamlined construction process. Furthering this, Bromsgrove Steel’s manufacturing capacity is dedicated to the cutting, bending and rolling, coded welding and finishing of steel structures.

    In addition to galvanising, Bromsgrove Steel offers shot blasting, primer painting, intumescent painting, powder coating, and stainless steel polishing, providing a range of finishing processes to cater for the wide ranging needs of our clients.

    Our nationwide services don’t end upon completion of the manufacturing of our steel structures; Bromsgrove Steel can provide delivery to site via our multiple forms of transportation, and our fully qualified onsite team can further assist with the installation and erection of structures.

    Bromsgrove Steel works with all types of UKCA marked structural steel, certified up to execution class 2, to ensure the correct material is chosen for the individual application.

    Our galvanising services serve the construction, extension and modification of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. This includes both standardised and bespoke ranges of structural steel.

    Bromsgrove Steel performs hot dipped galvanising