Portal Frame Buildings

As experts within the structural steel industry, informed by years of hands-on experience, Bromsgrove Steel is a trusted steel portal frame building manufacturer.

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    Our services can be utilised from the initial stages of a project, offering design and connection advice to architects and structural engineers.

    With great manufacturing knowledge and years of experience in portal frame construction, our team can provide insight to facilitate a speedy and straightforward construction process.

    Using a portal frame structure is a common construction technique, providing the industrial and commercial sectors with wide-span, low-rise buildings commonly used for warehouses, retail premises, or agricultural barns. Steel, being a cost-effective and durable material, is commonly used for the production of structural steel portal frame buildings. As steel specialists, Bromsgrove Steel closely follows project specifications to produce quality steel members and components for portal frame buildings, meeting client expectations every time.

    From portal frame house construction to larger-scale industrial buildings, we have experience working on buildings of all shapes and sizes.

    What are the advantages of a portal frame?

    The construction of structural steel portal frames is quick and relatively simple; they can be fabricated off-site to further speed up the construction process. Portal frame builds are moreover cost-effective, with reduced manual labour costs and minimal material needed. The wide, open, and weatherproof space provided by the building can be used for a variety of activities across many industries.

    Want to learn more about our frame design and fabrication services for steel frame buildings? Get in touch.

    What are the types of portal frame structures?

    Portal frames can be constructed in several forms to meet your building requirements. For instance, common frame types for the portal frame include:

    • Pitched roof portal frame: this is the most common type of portal frame, featuring a symmetrically pitched roof. It is also called a single span and can include mezzanine flooring.
    • Mono-pitch portal frame: this frame features a single sloping roof, rather than a pitched roof, and has a smaller span.
    • Multi-span frame: the extended span of a multi-span frame will often require one or more vertical support columns.
    • Curved rafters can also be used for architectural expression on portal frames, though this is less common.

    How far can a portal frame span?

    The span of a portal frame will depend on your choice of steel frame structure. However, a standard design of portal frame buildings spans the roof frame between 20 and 35 meters. Multi-span frames can safely span wider lengths than this.

    How much do steel portal frame buildings cost?

    The cost of steel portal frame buildings can vary depending on a range of factors. These factors include the size of the building, the complexity of its design, the type of steel used, and any additional features that are included. When determining the cost per square foot, considerations such as the overall square footage and the intricacy of the design are taken into account. The type of steel, including the specific grades and finishes, can also impact the overall cost.

    In addition to these factors, other elements to consider include insulation, cladding, finishes, foundation requirements, structural elements, and the inclusion of doors, windows, or mezzanine floors. All of these factors contribute to the final cost of the building.

    To gain an accurate cost estimate for your specific project, we recommend reaching out to our experienced team at Bromsgrove Steel for a personalised quote.  We strive to offer bespoke and cost-effective solutions that meet your requirements while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.

    Portal Frame Construction

    Whilst manufacturing steel components for portal frame buildings, Bromsgrove Steel can provide a full fabrication service of UKCA-marked steel. From cutting and drilling prefabricated holes, to coded welding, Bromsgrove Steel ensures high standards are maintained throughout the production of our products. We further offer a range of finishing services, including hot dipped galvanising, to ensure our steel components are apt for their application, before concluding operations with in-house trial erection and quality checks.

    Alongside our comprehensive manufacturing capacity to fabricate structural steel, Bromsgrove Steel offers site services throughout the UK, such as delivery and erection of steel members. Assisted by multiple forms of transport and Hiab Lorry Cranage, our onsite team is fully qualified with all relevant certifications, and can safely and efficiently perform steel erection. These services can be provided nationwide, up to execution class 2.

    Bromsgrove Steel can provide manufacturing and onsite services to assist in the construction of portal frame buildings for small to midsize builds.

    Bromsgrove Steel: A Premium Steel Portal Frame Building Manufacturer