Stainless Steel Balustrade

As stainless steel balustrade manufacturers, we have years of experience fabricating all types of steel.

The engineers at Bromsgrove Steel work with stainless steel to produce eye-catching balustrades and handrail systems.

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    Further assisted by our polishing services, we produce high standards of stainless steel designed to stand out and shine, whether bespoke or standard structures.

    The vertical posts and infills of balustrades line staircases, balconies, walkways, and even flat roofs; they provide an element of architectural design, as well as being a crucial safety feature designed to protect users from accidents. The timelessness of stainless steel balustrades is matched by the material’s durability in many environments, making stainless steel an ideal material when looking to balance aestheticism with functionality.

    As stainless steel balustrade manufacturers, Bromsgrove Steel works alongside architects to ensure our products meet project and safety specifications, whilst fulfilling design briefs.

    We're based in the West Midlands, but we manufacture stainless steel balustrades for a range of customers across the UK.


    Stainless steel balustrades used indoors can be regularly cleaned with soap and water or glass cleaner, as needed. It is possible to use appropriate cleaning chemicals to remove tough stains such as grease or paint, using a non-abrasive cloth and finishing with soap and water.

    External stainless steel balustrades should be cleaned more regularly since they face increased contamination from environmental conditions. Though the chromium content in stainless steel gives it a natural protection against rust, this protection can be enhanced through cleaning with soap and water, and a non-abrasive cloth or material.

    Further polishing the material with a steel cleaner can help maintain the integrity of the steel.

    Stainless Steel Balustrade Systems

    A leading stainless steel balustrade manufacturers, Bromsgrove Steel uses only UKCA marked steel. Following inhouse CAD detailing, our expert engineers can perform cutting, bending and rolling, welding, and stainless steel polishing for the full fabrication of a balustrade system. We further offer glass infill for a complete product, which can be safely delivered to site with the use of Bromsgrove Steel’s transportation.

    The fully qualified and experienced onsite team at Bromsgrove Steel are on hand to provide installation of balustrades, working alongside project managers and builders to ensure an efficient installation process.

    Our comprehensive services can be carried out nationwide, up to execution class 2.

    For stainless steel balustrades, Bromsgrove Steel can supply balustrade posts, as well as components such as end caps and balls, for a complete balustrade and stainless steel handrail system. We manufacture bespoke and standardised products for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

    Bromsgrove Steel is a team of expert stainless steel balustrade manufacturers