Steelwork For…

Bromsgrove Steel provides an extensive manufacturing service for the fabrication of numerous steel structures, applicable for the residential, industrial, and commercial sectors.

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    Our highly skilled team of engineers work closely with architects and development teams heading projects, offering design advice which can resolve any construction difficulties which may arise.

    We endeavour to deliver high quality structural steel profiles in consideration of project timescales, to support our clientele’s construction processes.

    Steel has copious applications within the construction of buildings and structures. This alloy of iron and carbon has several desirable properties which makes it one of the most commonly used materials within construction sectors; though properties depend on the type of steel, generally this alloy is durable, strong, machineable and workable, making it a suitable material for construction applications. Structural steel can be utilised for building framework, access and egress structures, flooring, alongside supplementary features such as gates, doors, and balustrades.

    With decades of cumulative experience, the workforce at Bromsgrove Steel are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of structural steel products, all UKCA marked up to execution class 2. The specifications of these structures are borne from site surveys and measurements provided by Bromsgrove Steel, and can be further erected or installed by our team if desired by clients.

    Bromsgrove provides steelwork for different types of buildings