Stainless Steel Polishing Services

Use our stainless steel polishing services to fulfil your functional and design needs.

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    Bromsgrove Steel undertakes stainless steel polishing services to ensure all types of structural steels are ministered to, including our  handrail systems, balustrades, and bespoke structures.

    When investing in a highly visible steel structure, polished stainless steel is an effective way to catch the eye. A decorative surface finish such as the polishing of stainless steel is often the finishing touch required in the manufacturing process to make certain the metalwork is complete to the client and user’s satisfaction.

    Bromsgrove Steel offers unrivalled stainless steel polishing services for structures within the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, ensuring our products are suited to their individual application. With years of experience guiding them, the engineers at Bromsgrove Steel work closely with customers and project managers, and can advise on how to achieve a high standard finish for steel structures.

    Correctly polished stainless steel has many advantages. It can help reduce corrosion and friction, allows for easier ongoing maintenance, and increases the visual appeal of a structure.

    A smooth surface is less susceptible to corrosion, since there are fewer vulnerable imperfections in the surface; the content of chromium in stainless steel further naturally helps prevent corrosion.

    In applications such as handrail systems and balustrades, especially when used by the public, reduced surface friction is important so as to prevent injury.

    Our stainless steel polishing services also reduce ongoing maintenance, particularly useful for commercial applications; a polished surface is less likely to retain bacteria, which can easily collect upon handrails.

    Finally, the visual appeal of a perfectly polished stainless steel structure is much more pleasing for users.

    Stainless Steel Finishing

    Alongside our metal polishing, Bromsgrove Steel further offers shot blasting, primer painting, intumescent painting, hot dipped galvanising, and powder coating as finishes for our steel products.

    Bromsgrove Steel works solely with UKCA marked steel, which moreover undergoes thorough quality checks, in order for our clients to receive an end product they can rely upon.

    Our expansive manufacturing services seek to serve all clients’ steel fabrication needs, from initial detailing of the product, to cutting, bending and rolling, welding, and finishing. We begin our services with a site survey, working alongside architects and structural engineers to calculate the requirements of a project. Following this, our experienced engineers work to exacting specifications to produce precise structural components.

    Beyond the polishing of stainless steel, we also offer delivery, with the aid of our transportation, as well as onsite services to help with the erection and installation of stainless steel structures.

    At Bromsgrove Steel, we can work with all types of steel, including stainless steel, for the production of residential and commercial staircases, tubular handrail systems, balustrades, and bespoke structures.

    Bromsgrove Steel Stainless Steel Polishing Services