Structural Steel Erection Services

As part of our expansive onsite solutions, Bromsgrove Steel provides safe and efficient on-site structural steel erection services for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

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    With years of experience, the team at Bromsgrove Steel offer design and connection advice whilst working alongside architects and structural engineers to determine the best course of action for the manufacturing and erection of steel structures.

    Bromsgrove Steel design for construction from the start of our service. The success and cost efficiency of our steel erection services is rooted in manufacturing structures which have considered the wider system, including floors and frames, as well as individual member specifications.

    Prefabricating members with operations such as drilling and welding can increase the speed and reduce the labour intensity of the onsite construction process. Bromsgrove Steel specialises in resolving construction difficulties through engineering in consideration of construction.

    What is structural steel erection?

    Erection in steel structures refers to the construction of steel members and components into a frame; sections must be lifted and correctly positioned, before being secured through bolting or site welding. 

    What are the methods of structural steel erection?

    Structural steel is typically erected through the use of MEWPs (mobile elevating work platforms); these can be used from the ground or raised so as to provide workers access to the partially erected structure.

    Cranes are also used to erect structural steel; their lifting ability raises steel members for fitting. Cranes can be categorised as mobile, such as truck mounted cranes, or non-mobile, such as tower cranes. Though tower cranes take longer to assemble and dismantle onsite as opposed to a mobile crane, they do have a greater lifting capacity and are necessary on large scale projects.

    What are the safety procedures for our structural steel erection services?

    When undergoing a service, the safe erection of structural steel is our utmost priority. For that reason, we ensure that all workers wear the appropriate PPE for their role. This may include hard helmets, shoes, gloves, goggles, and high-visibility clothing. Workers performing at a height should wear safety belts.

    The machinery and equipment used on construction sites during the installation of steel structures may also cause hazards; they should be in good working order, with the condition of the equipment checked regularly, and only used by trained operators. Work platforms on MEWPs should have guardrails and toe boards, and be positioned on stable land; cranes should not lift over workers, and should be constantly supervised whilst active.

    This is not an exhaustive list of the safety procedures we follow during our steel erection services - each construction site should thoroughly identify areas of hazard and how to minimise them.

    Steel Erection Services

    The onsite erection team at Bromsgrove Steel hold all the relevant qualifications, including CSCS, CPCS, and IPAF, to ensure client peace of mind whilst working with us. This includes the handling of our numerous forms of transportation, such as Hiab Lorry Cranage, which enables us to safely deliver and handle large structures whilst onsite.

    Prior to our steel erection services, Bromsgrove Steel can perform precast installation, and offer onsite services such as welding, to assist the development of the erection process. An inhouse trial erection is performed by Bromsgrove Steel before products are delivered to site to ensure they are primed for erection, helping to streamline the construction process further.

    Bromsgrove Steel forefronts the quality and safety of our structures; therefore, we work only with UKCA marked steel, up to execution class 2, and provide thorough quality checks before products are dispatched.

    The expansive manufacturing and erection services provided by Bromsgrove Steel can be performed nationwide for small to midsize builds.

    We can provide steel erection services for standard and bespoke steel frame buildings, including:

    • Steel frames for buildings, including portal frames and mono-pitch frames
    • Steel canopies
    We provide services for the installation of steel structures across the West Midlands