English Heritage / Listed Buildings

With years of experience developing our knowledge and skill, the expert team at Bromsgrove Steel can provide structural steelwork for English Heritage and Listed Buildings.

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    Whilst working on projects such as these, Bromsgrove Steel takes care to preserve the integrity of the existing building; from the time of our initial involvement, we work in close communication with architects, project managers, and structural engineers to ensure our steel structures complement the existing building.

    The National Heritage list protects a variety of important English historical assets, including buildings and structures typically built before 1700 which maintain much of their original condition, though the list does include builds completed up to 1st July 1948. These buildings hold great historic and architectural integrity, and are protected against development which is not authorised by local and governmental authority.

    Bromsgrove Steel provides a nationwide service for Listed Buildings, working on all types of buildings throughout the country. We prioritise the high quality of our products, exclusively fabricating UKCA marked steel, up to execution class 2, with great accuracy and care.

    All listed buildings within England are indexed within the National Heritage List for England (NHLE). Using a postcode, keyword, or entry number, the list can be searched to find listed buildings, structures, and sites.

    A property will be listed as either Grade I, Grade II*, or Grade II. Grade I buildings are the most uncommon, since they are of exceptional national, historical, or architectural importance; this grade includes tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace.

    Grade II* are properties of more than special interest; they are less common than Grade II, and are greater protected due to the importance placed on them.

    Grade II is the most common category, containing nearly 92% of all listed buildings. This grade involves buildings of special interest, typically used for residential housing.

    Our comprehensive manufacturing service includes CNC cutting and drilling, bending and rolling, coded welding, and finishing services for the preservation and modification of listed buildings. We further offer inhouse trial erection and quality checks on our steel products prior to their dispatch, to ensure our goods are suitable for their application and facilitate a refined construction process

    Bromsgrove Steel performs site surveys to better understand a protected building, so that we can help formulate a sympathetic strategy which guides the manufacturing of our steelwork. CAD software further enables us to provide detailing, from which our engineers work from, so that exacting project specifications and requirements are ministered to.

    With multiple forms of transportation, including Hiab Lorry Cranage, Bromsgrove Steel can deliver products to site in a timely manner, ensuring products are handled carefully. Our experienced and fully qualified onsite team can also provide installation and erection of our steel structures, if so desired.

    Bromsgrove Steel works with all types of steel, providing a range of bespoke and standardised structures for listed buildings, including:

    • Steel framework
    • Ingress and egress features, including staircases, handrail systems, and balustrades
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