Bromsgrove Steel supplies a wide range of standard and bespoke steel structures to fulfil the diverse needs of the commercial sector. From education to retail and agriculture, Bromsgrove Steel has the skill set and knowledge to provide design assistance, manufacturing, and installation when working on large scale commercial projects.

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    A commercial property refers to a premise that houses activities or services, commonly used to make a profit.

    This is typically referred to as private commercial, and includes schools, universities, entertainment, and office space.

    The commercial sector demands durability and longevity of its structural components to guarantee the safety of all those who use the premises. This includes not only the frames for buildings, but ingress and egress features, as well as flooring. Aesthetics moreover play a large part in the appeal and success of a commercial building; ornate structures can attract consumers, or help to provide a better working environment for those who work there.

    Bromsgrove Steel works in conjunction with structural engineers and architects to acquire and determine the specifications of each project; we work to the highest quality, both in terms of integrity and aesthetic, to meet all client requirements in a timely manner.

    Steel structures are increasingly used for the framing of commercial buildings due to the economical nature of the material. Steel is durable, so will incur minimal ongoing maintenance costs, and can be easily prefabricated and constructed so as to save time and labour costs. Steel can moreover be recycled, making it a sustainable and green material.

    The strength to weight ratio of steel is desirable for construction applications, whilst the metal maintains a flexibility which makes it suitable for withstanding external environmental conditions.

    Steel Fabrication for Commercial Buildings

    The capacity of Bromsgrove Steel to supply structures to the commercial sector is expanded by our team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers. We provide connection design and design assistance to architects and structural engineers, formulating solutions to various construction difficulties.

    Bromsgrove Steel provides an exhaustive manufacturing service, including cutting, drilling, coded welding (undertaken by an in-house welding coordinator), and finishing services. Steelwork finishes include: shot blasting, primer painting, intumescent painting, hot dipped galvanising, and powder coating. All steel is UKCA marked, and Bromsgrove Steel are approved up to Execution class 2, so as to forefront quality across operations; this is validated through thorough quality checking processes prior to dispatch.

    With numerous forms of transportation, including Hiab Lorry Cranage, Bromsgrove Steel provides transportation of products, and installation or erection services. Our services can be further provided nationwide.

    Bromsgrove Steel is equipped to work with all types of steel, to ensure unique project requirements are met every time.

    For the commercial sector, Bromsgrove Steel can manufacture standard and bespoke ranges, including, but not limited to:

    • Steel structures, including frames, canopies, and bespoke structures
    • Ingress and egress features, such as stairs, escalators, fire escapes, and tubular handrail systems
    • Steel flooring
    • Steel gates, fencing, and doors
    Commercial steelwork