As part of our extensive manufacturing service, Bromsgrove Steel can provide all types of steel structures for residential outbuildings and garden rooms.

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    With years of experience working alongside construction projects, Bromsgrove Steel provides precise steel sections, ranging from bespoke designs to standardised practical structures.

    An outbuilding is an isolated, stand alone structure within a property’s land, used for auxiliary entertainment purposes. This includes sheds, greenhouses, garages, games rooms, sauna cabins, and kennels, amongst other things. Using a steel frame within an outbuilding’s construction is an economic and durable solution, assisting a quick yet trustworthy build.

    Bromsgrove Steel provides design assistance, drawing upon years of experience within the industry to advise how best to construct an outbuilding dependent on its purpose. Following this, the engineers at Bromsgrove Steel then manufacture high quality sections based upon design calculations, before supplying transportation and even erection of structures if desired.

    Outbuildings are used for entertainment which is auxiliary to the main dwellinghouse. This includes standard structures such as garages, sheds, and ponds, as well as swimming pools, office space (subject to conditions), sauna rooms, games rooms and entertainment spaces, kennels and the keeping of livestock for domestic enjoyment.

    An outbuilding is not connected to the main dwellinghouse, and cannot be used for habitation, but can be supplied with electricity and running water. These additional utilities are often essential for the use of an outbuilding, so are permitted.

    Bromsgrove Steel handles UKCA marked steel only, and are certified up to extension class 2, to ensure our clients receive the highest quality of product. After a site survey, determining the specifications of land and access for the construction of outbuildings, a comprehensive manufacturing process is then completed in reflection of project requirements. This includes cutting; rolling and bending; welding (as overseen by a dedicated welding coordinator); and finishing operations, allowing the expert team of engineers at Bromsgrove Steel to implement our leading standards throughout fabrication processes. Quality checks performed prior to dispatch then make certain each section is suitable for application.

    Bromsgrove Steel provides a nationwide service, equipped by multiple forms of transportation, including a Hiab Lorry, to provide timely and secure deliveries of products to site.

    Bromsgrove Steel fabricates all types of steel, working alongside architects and structural engineers to ensure the right material is selected for individual application.

    For residential outbuildings, Bromsgrove Steel can assist in several components, including:

    • Steel frames, including bespoke structures and mono-pitch frames
    • Ornate and standard gates and fencing
    • Steel doors
    Structural Steel Welding Services for a Residential Building