With vast experience providing structural steel for the commercial sector, Bromsgrove Steel can assist with the building, extension, and development of supermarkets within the UK.

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    We fabricate all types of steel structures inhouse, working closely with architects and structural engineers to determine the right materials and specifications for each application.

    Renovations may occur to extend the size of the supermarket, to modify the layout, or to add additional external or internal features. However, to increase the capacity of a supermarket in this manner requires investment of both time and money. The competitive nature of the commercial sector, including supermarkets, means that renovations to the structure of these properties need to be cost effective and time considerate.

    Bromsgrove Steel understands the demanding nature of the commercial sector, and seeks to accommodate our clients to ensure the renovation of their supermarket is a streamlined operation. With years of experience behind us, Bromsgrove Steel provides design advice and innovative solutions so as to minimise the obstacles faced during the construction process.

    One of the greatest advantages of using steel within the construction of a supermarket, such as for framing, is the efficiency of the material. Due to the excellent strength to weight ratio of steel, less material is needed to safely support the building than alternative methods, such as concrete. This can save material costs.

    Steel can moreover be prefabricated within the manufacturing stage, meaning the construction stage benefits from reduced timescales and reduced labour - making the erection of steel frames an economic process.

    One consideration of supermarket owner occupiers is long-term investment; using a durable, sustainable, and recyclable material such as steel for construction contributes towards saving costs in the long term.

    Bromsgrove Steel has a great manufacturing capacity, providing integral services under one roof so as to make the fabrication of steel sections for supermarkets as cost effective as possible. Our experienced team of engineers undertake cutting, bending and rolling, and coded welding services as coordinated by a dedicated welding coordinator. Bromsgrove Steel further offer a range of finishing services, to ensure all applications of steel are ministered to.

    With multiple forms of transportation, including Hiab Lorry Cranage, Bromsgrove Steel can carefully deliver products to site, further extending installation and erection services if requested. Delivery can be structured around site requirements for an optimised construction process.

    At Bromsgrove Steel, we work with all types of steel, and handle UKCA materials only, to forefront quality in all that we do.

    For the renovation of supermarkets, Bromsgrove Steel can deliver:

    • Steel frames for supermarket extensions
    • Steel ingress and egress features, such as staircases, escalators, fire escapes, balustrades and handrail systems
    • Steel flooring
    • Steel gates, fencing, and doors for supermarket security
    • Bespoke steel decorative features
    A finished example of CNC plasma cutting for a residential building