Office Buildings

Office buildings should be primarily safe, functional spaces, serving residents with a suitable area in which to conduct business. The look of an office building can moreover help create a pleasant working environment, and make an impressive first impression for clientele.

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    At Bromsgrove Steel, we understand the criteria clients may wish for their office buildings, and we strive to fulfil them.

    Office buildings can materialise in a variety of forms; from small, one storey units to high rise skyscrapers, all shapes and sizes of office buildings are designed to help support and nurture the business conducted inside. An office is defined as a space dedicated toward desk-based business, and may be open plan and flexible, or closed cubicles and private spaces. It is important to get the structure of an office building right, so as to maximise the efficiency and productivity of the space.

    Whether extending an existing office building, or constructing a brand new one, Bromsgrove Steel can provide assistance ranging from design advice, fabrication of structural steel, and even installation and erection services. With years of experience informing their knowledge, our team of engineers work in close communication with structural engineers and architects to resolve all types of construction problems.

    Building an office can be broken down into manageable stages, and usually overseen by a project manager.

    This process may start with outlining a budget and schedule for the project, alongside designing the building and office space. A suitable real estate may then be leased, before applying for building permits and having construction approved by local authority.

    Construction can then begin, which may include structurally altering the building. Once construction is complete, the interior design can be finished and the building is ready for accommodation.

    Steelwork For Office Buildings

    To ensure an office building meets all safety regulations concerning its structural integrity, Bromsgrove Steel works only with UKCA marked steel, certified up to execution class 2. Our expert engineers have years of experience within the field, and, guided by CAD facilities, can provide a comprehensive, precision manufacturing service. From coded welding to rolling and bending, Bromsgrove Steel ensures quality is prioritised within our work with a series of quality checks.

    Bromsgrove Steel can moreover assist with installation and erection of structural steel onsite; enabled by our multiple forms of transportation, Bromsgrove Steel can deliver products in a timely fashion, with use of Hiab Lorry Cranage.

    With our manufacturing and onsite capacity, the services provided by Bromsgrove Steel can be supplied nationwide. We further work with all types of steel, so as to fabricate the correct material for the application.

    For office buildings, Bromsgrove Steel can fabricate several steel products, varying from standardised practical structures, to ornate, decorative pieces. These include:

    • Steel frames for buildings
    • External steel canopies
    • Access points, such as staircases and fire escapes
    • Steel balustrades and handrail systems
    • Steel gates, fencing , and doors
    Office Buildings