Handrail Ball Standards

As structural steel specialists, Bromsgrove Steel manufactures steel balls for handrail standards.

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    Our comprehensive manufacturing capacity, and years of experience, mean Bromsgrove Steel can produce leading handrail systems for commercial and industrial projects in consideration of time and budget restrictions.

    Handrail standards are typically found in industrial and commercial applications, where a durable barrier needs to be erected for the safety of users. Often made from steel, handrail standards are built to withstand numerous outdoor environments for extended periods of time. Bromsgrove Steel works closely with clients to understand unique project specifications, so that our ball standards are fabricated in reflection of project requirements.

    The high quality of Bromsgrove Steel’s materials and work processes further ensure our ball standards will be fabricated to suit the exact specifications of their individual application.

    An edge protection system is a broad term referring to a safety system which is designed to prevent falls from heights in raised areas, including roof edges, walkways, and raised platforms. An edge protection system can take several forms, including railing such as tubular guardrails, parapets, and handrail standards. Railings can be freestanding or fixed, collapsible, permanent, or temporary to fulfil the needs of the area.

    Industrial and Commercial Handrail Systems

    Bromsgrove Steel offers site survey and measurement to ensure our ball standards are perfectly manufactured to complement their handrail system. Guided by CAD facilities, the engineers at Bromsgrove Steel further conduct detailing, from which specifications our team can manufacture from, before undertaking a full fabrication process. We offer in-house coded welding as overseen by a welding coordinator, as well as onsite welding, for the installation of complete handrail standards. Moreover, our numerous finishing operations, including hot dipped galvanising, ensures ball standards are made to endure their application for years to come.

    Working exclusively with UKCA marked steel, up to execution class 2, Bromsgrove Steel can produce high quality bespoke and standardised ball standards in a number of steel grades. Our fully qualified steel erection team further offers professional installation of our handrail systems, nationwide.

    Bromsgrove Steel can produce handrail ball standards for commercial and industrial platforms, stairways, walkways, and balconies.

    Handrail Ball Standard Decoration