Architectural Steelwork

As specialists in the production of structural steelwork, Bromsgrove Steel moreover manufactures architectural steelwork, fabricating stunning structures which catch the eye.

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    Our expert engineers apply a creative eye and careful hand when detailing and manufacturing steelwork for architectural purposes.

    Architectural design focuses around the concept of structures which combine both aestheticism and function; this can be achieved through a variety of mediums, including concrete, wood, stone, and steel. Steel is becoming increasingly recognised as a desirable material for architectural structures, providing the versatility necessary to accomplish complex and visually impressive designs.

    No matter the brief, whether complex architectural structures or simple steel features, the team at Bromsgrove Steel work closely with our clients to ensure their products fulfil all expectations, on time and within budget.

    The architectural uses of steel are vast; it can be used with a structural purpose, purely for aesthetics, or a little of both. From the exposed frame of a building and unique bracing expressions, to smaller features such as staircases and balustrades, exposed beams and columns, and canopies and balconies, architectural steelwork takes a number of almost limitless forms.

    For architectural steelwork, Bromsgrove Steel provides a comprehensive manufacturing service. When establishing project specifications, Bromsgrove Steel provides a site survey and measurement, working closely with architects and structural engineers to advise the best course of action for producing the appropriate steelwork. In-house detailing, guided by CAD facilities, provides the blueprints from which our engineers can produce precise and accurate products. Our full fabrication service encompasses cutting and drilling, bending and rolling, coded welding, and several finishing operations.

    We work solely with UKCA marked steel, undertaking rigorous quality checks to ensure our steelwork is suitable for its application and meets all client expectations. 

    The transportation facilities kept by Bromsgrove Steel enables our team to deliver products, safely and in a timely manner which accommodates site schedules. We can provide our expansive manufacturing and onsite services nationwide.

    Bromsgrove Steelwork produces bespoke and standardised architectural steelwork applicable for residential and commercial builds. Structures include:

    • Staircases
    • Handrail systems and balustrades
    • Canopies
    • Gates
    • Other bespoke structures
    Architectural Steelwork