Hiab Lorry Crane Delivery

Equipped with numerous forms of transportation, Bromsgrove Steel can provide delivery of our structural steel products to site, ready for erection

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    Our Hiab Lorry Cranage ensures products are safely handled onsite by our fully qualified operators, assisting with the construction process where possible.

    A Hiab Lorry refers to a lorry mounted crane, often called a mobile crane. A lorry mounted crane offers many advantages to the construction process compared to a non-mobile unit. This includes easier set up and site access; reduced maintenance - lorry mounted cranes do not require support pads, and inspection of the crane is simpler and quicker; increased manoeuvrability, and the ability to work in smaller spaces.

    Bromsgrove Steel’s Hiab Lorry enables us to offer these services whilst working onsite for our clients. The manufacturing capacity at Bromsgrove Steel is dedicated to resolving construction delays and difficulties through manufacturing for cost-efficient and time-considerate construction; our Hiab Lorry is a key aspect in achieving our goals for this.

    A lorry mounted crane is a vehicle which combines a truck and a crane, used for the transportation and handling of large or heavy goods. The hydraulics of the crane is powered by the truck engine.

    This type of lorry is commonly referred to as a Hiab Lorry, though this name technically refers to a leading brand of lorry mounted cranes.

    Steel Transportation Services

    Alongside our Hiab Lorry crane delivery, Bromsgrove Steel offers several other forms of transportation, including drop-side pickups, trucks, and site vans, to assist with delivery and onsite mobilisation of products. It is further possible to coordinate delivery to site, including staged deliveries, allowing Bromsgrove Steel to minister to the varying needs of individual projects.

    Our onsite services, performed by qualified personnel holding all relevant certifications, moreover continue with site drilling, welding, steel erection and installation.

    Bromsgrove Steel works alongside architects, structural engineers, and builders whilst operating onsite, ensuring our products and teams work to exacting project specifications and requirements. As structural steel specialists, we keep in close communication with our clients throughout our inhouse detailing and manufacturing processes, in order to provide high quality, precision steel structures.

    Bromsgrove Steel serves clientele nationwide with our expansive manufacturing and site services, applicable for residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects. Bromsgrove Steel work on small to midsize builds, providing structural steel components, delivery, and cranage for the construction, extension and modification of houses and buildings.

    Hiab Lorry Crane Delivery