Builders Beams

With our expansive manufacturing capacity, and team of experienced engineers, Bromsgrove Steel fabricates standardised and bespoke steel builders beams for the construction of houses and buildings.

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    Bromsgrove Steel specialises in manufacturing structural steel beams, providing design assistance for architects and structural engineers to help refine construction processes through the design of our products in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

    Steel builders' beams provide integral support and load bearing for floors, ceilings, and houses. Beam construction is available in a variety of forms; this includes universal columns, hollow sections, flat bars, rolled steel angle, parallel flange channels, solid bars, and half round flat bars.

    Bromsgrove Steel manufactures all types of builders' beams, fulfilling the needs of individual projects, whether residential, commercial, or industrial.

    A structural beam may be classified by its material - such as a steel, reinforced concrete, or timber beam.

    Furthering this, the support conditions of the beam can be considered: simply supported beams, which are free to rotate; fixed beams, which are fixed at both ends; cantilever beam, which are only supported at one end; or a continuous beam, which has more than two supporting elements across its length.

    A beam may also be straight, tapered, or curved.

    Structural Beams for Builders

    For the manufacturing of structural builders beams, Bromsgrove Steel firstly provides a site survey and measurement, to determine specifications for our products. These are realised during our in-house CAD guided detailing, from which our engineers and steel builders work whilst manufacturing precision-made steel structural beams. Bromsgrove Steel supplies a complete fabrication process, from cutting and drilling prefabricated holes, to coded welding. We also offer several finishing services, including hot dipped galvanising.

    Our multiple forms of transportation, including Hiab Lorry Cranage, means Bromsgrove Steel can deliver steel structural beams to your site, and assist with the erection of structures. Our onsite steel builders team is fully qualified with all the relevant certifications to ensure safety is prioritised whilst working onsite.

    Bromsgrove Steel further prioritises safety and quality in-house, working exclusively with UKCA marked steel, certified up to execution class 2. Trial erections and rigorous quality checks are performed prior to the dispatch of builders' beams to ensure products are suitable for their application, and to further assist the construction process. These services provided by Bromsgrove Steel are available nationwide.

    Bromsgrove Steel provides builders beams for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, assisting with the construction, modification, and extension of these properties where structural support is necessary.

    Stuctural Steel Builders Beams