Steel Flooring Services

As a steelwork supplier specialist, Bromsgrove Steel fabricates a range of steel flooring solutions suitable for industrial and commercial spaces.

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    Working closely with clients to determine their requirements, Bromsgrove Steel can manufacture open type flooring, Durbar flooring, plated floors, and Holorib decking.

    Open type flooring systems feature a permeable grid or mesh surface, typically used for mezzanine floors or walkways such as fire escapes. On the other hand, solid type steel flooring does not feature any openings, and is available in a variety of forms. Durbar and Holorib are both examples of popular industrial solid tread flooring.

    Bromsgrove Steel manufactures both open and solid metal steel flooring, our experienced engineers producing flooring in consideration of client costs, budgets and project timescales.

    Open type mesh flooring should comply with BS EN ISO 14122-2:2016 and BS 4592-0:2006+A1:2012, concerning the maximum openings of industrial floors.

    Steel members and materials must also adhere to fire resistance requirements, outlined in Approved Document B (England).

    HSE further requires workplace flooring to be stable and not to be hazardous for workers, including slips and trips, under Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

    Steel Flooring Design

    Bromsgrove Steel can supply a full fabrication process to manufacture steel flooring, serving clients nationwide. Our manufacturing processes are guided by CAD and CNC software, making certain flooring specifications are closely adhered to. We moreover offer hot dipped galvanising, and other forms of finishing, to ensure our steel flooring has increased protection whilst active in its application.

    Aided by numerous forms of transportation, Bromsgrove Steel can provide delivery to site, with our fully qualified onsite team offering professional installation of flooring.

    Bromsgrove Steelworks solely with UKCA marked steel, up to execution class 2, ensuring our products are of the highest quality. This standard is implemented through quality checks performed on all products prior to their dispatch.

    Steel Flooring Design

    Our Steel Flooring Solutions

    Bromsgrove Steel serves the industrial sector with safe, high quality and durable steel flooring, with applications across a number of areas, including:

    Mezzanine Flooring

    Our bespoke mezzanine floors harness vertical space efficiently, enhancing floor capacity with precision-engineered designs for industrial and commercial applications.

    Industrial Walkway Flooring, including Fire Escapes

    Experience increased safety and efficiency in your workspace with industrial walkway flooring providing slip-resistant surfaces and easy access for personnel and equipment.

    Industrial Platform Flooring

    Elevate your industrial and commercial spaces with Bromsgrove Steel's expertly fabricated steel flooring services. Our precision-engineered solutions, crafted with the latest CAD and CNC technologies, ensure durability and safety, complemented by professional on-site installation and UKCA-marked steel quality

    Industrial Stair Treads

    Our industrial stair treads feature non-slip patterns that provide excellent grip for any industrial application, enhancing safety and reducing the risk of slips and falls in the workplace.