Handrail and Steel Balustrade Design

With years of experience dedicated to refining our craft, Bromsgrove Steel produces beautiful handrail and steel balustrade design systems to complement and enhance staircases, balconies, and walkways.

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    Bromsgrove Steel prioritises client satisfaction, and seeks to fulfil project specifications, including producing and manufacturing standardised steel balustrade designs on a budget, or creating bespoke architectural works, for the residential, commercial, and industrial sector.

    Balustrades and steel handrail systems form crucial components of a staircase system, balcony, or walkway; they provide the support necessary for safely using these features, which is particularly important in public spaces. A balustrade refers to the vertical posts and infill under which a handrail sits, the handrail itself providing grip for a user. As well as fulfilling safety measures, this system presents an opportunity for stunning architectural design, intended to catch the eye.

    Bromsgrove Steel works closely with clients, architects, and structural engineers whilst manufacturing stainless steel stair handrails and balustrades to ensure we meet structural and architectural specifications, delivering a product perfectly fabricated for its application.

    How high does a balustrade design need to be?

    A balustrade prevents people from falling, therefore should be 900mm from floor level in an internal space and 1100mm from floor level in an external environment, in order to best protect users from injury. However, the application of the balustrade must always be considered - balustrades may need to be higher to better prevent accidents or injuries. 

    Is a handrail a legal requirement?

    Under UK building regulations, handrails are a requirement for stairs, and should be on at least one side of a staircase, or on both sides if they are wider than 1 metre. They moreover should be fitted 50-75mm away from the wall, if fixed to a wall. 

    Walkways and platforms higher than 500mm must also have guardrails, with the top handrail being 600mm-1000mm above the walkway, depending on the protection offered by the guardrail.

    What are the types of handrail and balustrades?

    Balustrade posts are available as structural stainless steel, wooden, and glass systems, with a glass infill in between posts. Balustrades are designed to fit the form of the staircase or walkway, and can even be curved to complement spiral or helical staircases.

    Handrails can be integrated into the balustrade system, or wall mounted. Handrails are also commonly made from stainless steel or wood.

    Designing Handrail and Balustrade Systems

    When it comes to handrail and steel balustrade design, Bromsgrove Steel offers design advice whilst working alongside onsite teams, pre-emptively manufacturing for the ease of installation. Once project specifications have been determined, Bromsgrove Steel utilises CAD software to produce detailing from which our expert engineers manufacture. Working only with UKCA marked steel, our manufacturing services include: cutting and drilling, bending and rolling, coded welding, and finishing. Our comprehensive service endeavours to cater to the wide ranging needs of individual project.

    Beyond our steel balustrade design services, we also provide transportation for delivery of our balustrades and handrail systems, as well as installation. Our onsite team is fully qualified, for the safe and timely installation of our structures. These services can be provided for clients across the nation.

    As steel specialists, Bromsgrove Steel fabricates mild steel and stainless steel for balustrades, as well as providing glass infills where desired.

    Our balustrade and handrail systems are applicable for residential, commercial, and industrial staircases, balconies, walkways and other structures.

    Bromsgrove provides steel and glass balustrades for apartment blocks' balcony or walkways.