Powder Coating Services

Bromsgrove Steel offers powder coating for structural steel as part of our various finishing services.

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    Specialising in the engineering of structural steel, Bromsgrove Steel offers a variety of finishes for our products to ensure that not only are project requirements met, but our steel structures maintain their integrity throughout their lifespan.

    Powder coating is the application of a dry thermoplastic or thermoset polymer, to create an even, hard finish on a material which protects against corrosion. This is one of the final steps in the manufacturing process, so it is important that coating should reflect the quality of the structure underneath.

    Bromsgrove Steel ensures our finishing services are undertaken with the greatest care, providing a professional finish for steel structures.

    Powder coating is applied to a material surface through electrostatic spray deposition (ESD). This involves electrically charging powder particles, allowing them to attach to the metal which they are sprayed onto by compressed air released from a gun. The coated material is then cured in an oven, solidifying the powder into a hardened coat.

    Powder Coating Structural Steel

    In addition to powder coating, Bromsgrove Steel moreover offers shot blasting, primer and intumescent painting, stainless steel polishing, and galvanising of steel structures. We work closely with our clientele, including project architects and engineers, during site surveys and the following manufacturing processes to ensure products fulfil the design and structural brief.

    Bromsgrove Steel can provide a complete manufacturing process, including detailing, to fabricate structural steel products; guided by CAD facilities, our processes seek to produce accurate steel components perfectly designed for their application. Our transportation capacity, including Hiab Lorry Cranage, means we further offer delivery to site, and onsite services, such as installation and erection of our products.

    Our services can be provided nationwide, and we work with all types of UKCA marked steel, offering a flexibility in our services which encompasses all client needs. Bromsgrove Steel creates structural steel for the construction, extension or modification of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

    Steel Powdercoating