Structural Staircase Design

Bromsgrove Steel are experts within the steel industry, working with both structural and architectural steel. As a part of this, Bromsgrove Steel can provide structural staircase design assistance, manufacturing, and installation of structural steel staircases.

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    Whilst it is important staircases serve their purpose safely and efficiently, they also have the potential to be magnificent, eye-catching features.

    The needs of a staircase will vary depending on the residential, commercial, or industrial purpose of the facility; an external staircase for an industrial building will differ greatly from the internal, central feature of modern commercial space. Bromsgrove Steel works closely with architects and structural engineers to ensure that, whether standardised and practical, or ornate and bespoke, our clients receive a structural staircase design which suits their budget, fits their vision, and serves a purpose.

    Some of the most common types of structural staircase design include:

    • Straight staircases - this is a straight, single flight of stairs which do not change in direction
    • Helical and spiral - spiral and helical staircases both follow the curvature of a circle
    • Quarter turn staircases - these staircases feature a 90° turn which splits two sets of straight staircases, usually featuring a landing to mitigate the turn
    • Half turn, or U-shaped, staircases - these staircases feature a 180° turn, meaning the staircase turns back on itself with a secondary flight of straight stairs; similarly to the quarter turn, a landing separates the two flights
    • Three quarter turn staircases - these staircases turn 270° back on themselves, featuring three 90° turns, and separated by a three landings
    • Bifurcated staircases - bifurcated stairs features a set of straight stairs, splitting into two smaller staircases which lead in opposite directions

    Steel Staircase Manufacturer

    Bromsgrove Steel provides a complete fabrication service for creating staircases. Closely following the specifications outlined during site surveys, our engineers produce structural staircase design and detailing using CAD facilities, from which products can be manufactured. We provide cutting and drilling, bending and rolling, coded welding as directed by our inhouse welding coordinator, and a variety of finishing services to ensure our staircases fulfil design briefs.

    Bromsgrove Steel works exclusively with UKCA marked steel, certified up to execution class 2, performing quality control throughout production to ensure our staircases are of the highest standard.

    Furthering this, our nationwide service is enabled by multiple forms of transportation, which allow us to offer delivery to site and site services. These include installation of staircases, executed by our fully qualified steel erectors.

    Bromsgrove Steel works with all types of structural steel, to ensure the varying needs of individual projects are met. Our structural staircase design can be supplied for residential, commercial, and industrial builds, including handrail systems and balustrades for the complete staircase system.

    Industrial Structural Staircase Design