Steel Finishing

For the completion of steel structures, Bromsgrove Steel offers a variety of steel finishing services, ensuring our products are suited to their unique applications.

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    Our extensive range of finishes includes: shot blasting, primer painting, intumescent painting, hot dipped galvanising, stainless steel polishing and powder coating for steel.

    Finishing is a crucial final step in the manufacturing process, ensuring the metal can withstand its environment for an extended period of time, as well as fulfilling the design brief. For structural steel, where metal can be exposed to harsh external conditions, it is important to make certain the structure is able to endure its application.

    Bromsgrove Steel provides an encompassing finishing service so that all our clients’ needs can be met. Backed by years of experience, the engineers at Bromsgrove Steel can advise the best finishing service for your product based on project requirements and specifications.

    There are several finishing processes which can be applied to steel, chosen depending on the requirements of the product. These finishes include:

    • Shot blasting, to remove surface imperfections in preparation for painting or coating; this is typically the first step in the finishing process
    • Primer painting, which protects the steel from corrosion such as rust
    • Intumescent painting, which protects the steel member against fire through an insulating coat
    • Galvanising, which coats steel with zinc for protection against corrosion
    • Stainless steel polishing, to reduce surface roughness and improve aesthetic appeal
    • Powder coating, which is a dry finishing process undertaken to protect metal from corrosion and improve aesthetic appeal

    Beyond Our Steel Finishing Services...

    Bromsgrove Steel provides a nationwide design assist, manufacturing, and installation service for all types of structural steel. Conducting a site survey, and working closely with architects and structural engineers to determine the specifications of the project, Bromsgrove Steel endeavour to manufacture precision steel members and sections in reflection of project requirements. We work exclusively with UKCA marked steel, and ensure quality through in-house trial erection and quality control.

    Alongside our finishing services, Bromsgrove Steel offers a full fabrication process, including: cutting and drilling, bending and rolling, and coded welding, as overseen by an in-house welding coordinator. We further provide transportation of products to site, as facilitated by our multiple forms of transportation, and onsite steel erection and installation.

    Bromsgrove Steel can provide this comprehensive manufacturing and finishing service for residential, commercial, and industrial projects - including Heritage projects. Our bespoke and standardised steel structures include: framing for buildings, access features, flooring, balustrades and handrail systems, gates, fencing, doors, and bespoke structures.

    Steel finishing