Added Storey

Adding an additional story to your house can greatly increase the capacity of a home, as well as its value. Bromsgrove Steel have the experience and expertise in the field of structural steel fabrication to provide a value adding service when manufacturing frames for the extension of a residential property.

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    Extending your home upwards is a great way of maximising a property without the need for additional surrounding land

    The incorporation of steel into the structure of an extension offers many benefits. Steel frames can be used to add a storey to a suitable property, providing the strength and durability necessary for an integral build, while moreover being a lightweight and flexible material which can be easily constructed.

    Bromsgrove Steel specialise in the fabrication of steel, and work alongside architects and structural engineers to formulate solutions to a range of construction obstacles. With years of experience guiding us, Bromsgrove Steel provides excellent design assistance, fabrication, and erection services for the residential sector.

    New Permitted Development rights within the UK allow for certain commercial and residential properties to be extended up to two storeys upwards. These rights only apply to houses built before 5th March 2018 and after 1st July 1948, and houses which have not previously been extended upwards. Bungalows can moreover only receive an upward extension of one story.

    However, before adding an additional storey to a building, it is important to check the suitability of the building (such as the structural integrity, and whether the property still maintains Permitted Development rights).

    Bromsgrove Steel supplies a comprehensive manufacturing service to ensure steel frames for housing extensions are safe and reliable. Alongside our many inhouse fabrication processes, including cutting and coded welding, Bromsgrove Steel subjects all our metalwork to thorough checking. We only work with UKCA steel, and are further certified up to execution class 2, to ensure our products are suitable for individual application.

    Bromsgrove Steel provides a nationwide service, which is enabled by our multiple forms of transportation, including Hiab lorry transportation. Our access to sites further allows us to provide erection services for residential extensions when desired, ensuring the construction process is as streamlined and productive as possible.

    At Bromsgrove Steel, we have experience forming all types of steel; depending on the requirements of individual projects, we can gauge and advise the best course of action regarding material type.

    When adding a storey to your home, Bromsgrove Steel can assist with several structures, including:

    • Steel frame for extensions
    • Structural staircases and handrail systems
    • Decorative balustrades
    Added storey to your house can greatly increase the capacity of a building