Tube Bending

Bromsgrove Steel performs tube bending as part of our wider manufacturing services to produce steel structures. Our experienced engineers undertake bending to tight degrees to ensure highly accurate and reliable products are produced time and again.

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    Tube bending is the manipulation of tubes to produce singular or multiple bends within a straight tube.

    Architectural bends can be achieved to construct seamless tubes for use within handrail systems and other structures. As manufacturers of all types of structural steel, including tubular handrail systems, Bromsgrove Steel provides this service to ensure all stages of fabrication are overseen by our expert eye.

    Our tube bending services are performed in line with project specifications, and are further complemented by our vast range of manufacturing processes.

    Tube bending can be undertaken using several methods - roll bending, compression bending, and rotary draw bending.

    Roll bending involves using rolls to gradually bend a tube; this usually occurs with three rolls, with either the top roll or the bottom two moving up and down to manipulate the tube.

    Compression bending uses a compression die to bend the tube around a stationary bend die.

    Rotary draw bending is typically used for steel tubing; it is a precise method which utilises tooling to grip and support the tube as it is pulled around a round bend die to form it.

    Tube Bending Services

    To ensure the exact specifications are adhered to during tube bending operations, Bromsgrove Steel works closely with architects and structural engineers during site surveys and the following manufacturing processes. We provide detailing as created through CAD software, from which our engineers work from during cutting, bending and rolling, and welding processes. Bromsgrove Steel further offers a range of finishing services, all completed on our UKCA marked steel, certified up to execution class 2.

    Bromsgrove Steel can moreover safely deliver products to site with the assistance of our transportation vehicles; our onsite teams hold all the necessary qualifications to provide installation of our structures whilst on site.

    These exhaustive services are provided nationwide, for all types of structural steel.

    Bromsgrove Steel provides tube bending for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Tube bending is applicable for our standardised and bespoke ranges of handrail systems and balustrades, as well as bespoke structures.

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