Bromsgrove Steel can supply the manufacturing of structural steel for application within the residential sector. Whether producing bespoke detailed pieces, or standardised practical structures for your home, Bromsgrove Steel provides an unrivalled service of the highest quality.

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    We establish an open line of communication with our clients throughout our manufacturing process to ensure they receive a product aligned with their vision.

    Steel is an evident and popular choice for residential applications, often used for the framework of buildings, alongside staircases, balustrades, fencing, and gates. Steel framework is becoming an increasingly viable alternative to timber for residential housing, with the metal establishing itself as a high quality, durable material.

    The experienced team at Bromsgrove Steel can offer advice on how to re-engineer processes to alleviate all kinds of onsite residential construction problems; we can then fabricate structural steel products in conjunction with this, assisting architects and builders in their operations. Our exhaustive manufacturing and erection services are enabled by years of experience and a plethora of equipment and technology, which are all at our disposal to meet client requirements.

    Mild steel, also known as plain carbon steel, is the most common type of steel used within residential construction. Carbon within steel is a hardening element, and the greater the carbon presence, the harder the steel; mild steel can have a varying carbon content, from low to high (2%). It is generally known for its strength and flexibility, however, and is suitable for many applications within construction.

    Structural steel is another popular type of steel, and can be found within the structure or base of a building; structural steel has a higher carbon content with reduced ductility in comparison to mild steel types, but can still be worked so as to form numerous profiles for construction applications.

    Rebar steel, moreover referred to as reinforcing steel, is a type of toughened carbon steel used to increase the tensile strength of a structure; it typically comes in the form of a bar used in conjunction with concrete structures.

    Whilst stainless steel is a gradation of steel, and is less regularly used, it still has a place within residential construction, and may be selected when hoping to achieve a certain look.

    Residential Steel Construction

    As experts within our school of manufacturing, Bromsgrove Steel supplies a full in-house fabrication service, nationwide. We offer cutting, drilling, coded welding operations undertaken by a welding coordinator, and a variety of finishing services for the formed steel; these operations are carefully managed through CAD software to adhere to tight tolerances.

    Bromsgrove Steel places quality at the forefront of our operations, and our products undergo a thorough checking process before they are deemed suitable for their application. Bromsgrove Steel supplies UKCA marked steel for all our operations, and is approved up to execution class 2.

    Bromsgrove Steel fabricates all types of steel, enabling us to meet individual project specifications for optimum performance.

    For residential construction, Bromsgrove Steel can provide

    • Steel portal frames
    • Steel mono-pitch frames
    • Steel staircases
    • Steel and stainless balustrades, with optional glass infill
    • Steel gates
    • Steel fencing
    • Steel doors
    • Additional steel bespoke structures
    Residential steelworks