What Do Steel Fabricators Do, and How Can They Add Value to Your Steelwork Project?

Steel is one of the most versatile and widely-used materials on the planet. To capitalise on the functionality, strength, durability and versatility of steel, it’s essential to understand how to use it and to utilise specialist skills and equipment to turn steel into usable parts. Steel fabricators are highly skilled professionals who use advanced technology and precision fabrication processes to bring designs and drawings to life and create functional materials.

In the UK alone, we produce 7 million tons of steel per year. The steel industry contributed £2 billion to the economy in 2020 (source). Steel fabrication covers a diverse range of processes and applications, including beam and structural steel, structural staircases, steel flooring, steel frames and stainless steel balustrades.

Steel Fabrication Processes

A steel fabricator uses several techniques to produce steel components, products or materials suitable for construction, engineering or industrial projects. Steel fabrication has evolved rapidly in recent years due to the introduction of innovative technology. 

Key parts of the steel fabrication process are listed below:

  • Shot blasting: blasting steel with small beads known as shots to eliminate impurities and prepare the surface for welding and painting.


  • Welding: using powerful heat to fuse two materials or components.


  • Bending: using specialist equipment to create curved edges and bends.


  • Cutting: cutting and trimming steel according to specifications for custom projects and applications.


  • Finishing: applying the finishing touches to protect the metal and enhance performance and longevity. Examples of finishing techniques include coating, galvanising and engraving.

Steel fabrication is used in several industries, including:


  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Aerospace, rail and auto 
  • Energy
  • Engineering and infrastructure

Steel Fabricators: Why use professionals?

Using a professional steel fabricator offers a raft of benefits for businesses and project managers, including:

Detailed design involves the connections and interfaces with other components – this is where cladding comes in. There are two major issues that affect the structural design of the steel frame and those of the service structure interfaces and the cladding interfaces. The architect and structural engineer would agree horizontal and vertical zones into which the structure should fit in this time.

CAD Design: Accurate detailing

Skilled, experienced steel fabricators use cutting-edge technology, including CAD design, to enhance accuracy and elevate detailing for bespoke metalwork projects. Using CAD modelling allows fabricators to view and modify designs before employing fabrication processes. By working with professionals, you gain access to advanced technology to add value, implement quality assurance and control and save time.

Calculations: Cost and time management

Steel fabricators utilise their experience and training to solve problems, boost efficiency and figure out the best ways to achieve optimum results. They work with a wide range of clients, using complex techniques and calculations to complete projects on time and on budget.

Qualified and skilled professionals: Ensuring safety and standards

Steel fabrication is a detailed, intricate process, which requires skill, expertise and attention to detail. Using skilled and qualified professionals ensures high standards in terms of safety and quality. Steel fabricators undergo extensive training to enable them to operate equipment and machinery efficiently and safely and they understand what it takes to meet quality standards.

Steel fabricators are experienced professionals who use their skills, along with specialist equipment and advanced technology, to create functional, safe, durable steel products, applications and materials. Hiring professional steel fabricators enhances safety and quality, provides access to cutting-edge technology and techniques and saves time and money.

Need a Steel Fabricator?

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