Glass Balustrades

Bromsgrove Steel manufactures bespoke glass balustrades for indoor and outdoor use.

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    As specialists in architectural steelwork, we work alongside architects and project managers to create beautifully crafted framed glass balustrades which meet all client expectations.

    Whilst glass balustrades perform a crucial safety measure for staircases, balconies, and walkways, they do so in a way which complements a space. For outdoor use, glass balconies are a contemporary way to facilitate a great view, whilst they can open up and brighten an internal space such as an office.

    Working within the parameters of each unique space, Bromsgrove Steel creates structural balustrades which perform a functional duty, whilst also providing an aesthetically pleasing design.

    How thick should a glass balustrade be?

    The thickness of glass for a glass balustrade will vary depending on its structural system. For instance, typically 10mm of toughened glass is sufficient for framed structures, whereas between 15-25 mm of toughened glass could be required for frameless systems or for increased load applications such as public spaces. Glass thickness should be decided upon individual application, since it can be further affected by glass span, usage, and building type.

    Does a glass balustrade need to be laminated?

    Laminated glass features two plies of glass permanently bonded together to increase the strength and thickness of the glass; due to the structure of laminated glass, it will not break into small, sharp pieces when broken.

    On glass balustrades where a handrail is not used along the top of the structure, the glass must be laminated in order to withstand the load and remain intact should one of the panels fail.

    Is balustrade glass hard to keep clean?

    Balustrade glass is no harder to maintain than window glass. It should be regularly cleaned with warm, soapy water and a cloth. Balustrades used outdoors may face further contamination, which can be removed with a mixture of water, rubbing alcohol, and white vinegar, before rinsing off with warm, soapy water.

    Balustrade Manufacturing

    As steel specialists, Bromsgrove Steel manufactures steel and stainless steel frames for glass balustrades, providing glass infill for a complete product which is ready for installation. We provide a comprehensive in-house manufacturing process, working exclusively with UKCA marked steel, up to execution class 2. Alongside this, we provide stainless steel polishing to ensure our framed glass balustrades are completed to the highest quality.

    Bromsgrove Steel manufactures in consideration of project timescales, fabricating products which facilitate a quick and straightforward construction. We moreover produce standardised and bespoke glass balustrades, accommodating all project needs.

    The fully qualified onsite team at Bromsgrove Steel can install our framed glass balustrades, working alongside site personnel to assist construction processes. Our multiple forms of transportation ensure even the most delicate products, such as our glass balustrades, arrive onsite in immaculate condition.

    Our framed glass balustrades are available for residential and commercial projects across the nation, providing indoor and outdoor barriers for staircases, balconies, flat rooftop spaces, and raised walkways.

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