Materials Matter: Choosing the Right Balustrade Materials for Your Building

When it comes to taking on a building project, there is nothing more important than choosing the right materials for construction. Balustrades are often part of modern building projects, and it's essential that the materials used will stand up to the pressure, weather, and time. Bromsgrove Steel provides metal fabrication services, including steelwork– helping you create beautiful balustrade designs with reliable and robust solutions. We understand what goes into creating high-quality products from start to finish, so let us take you through our top picks for balustrade material choices and why each one is imperative for safety, longevity, design, and aesthetics!


Different Types of Balustrade Materials

Choosing the right balustrade material for a building project can be a difficult decision due to the wide variety of materials available. Steel balustrades are often used in commercial contexts due to their great strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, while timber, wrought iron, and glass are also popular options. Each of these materials has its own benefits—timber is aesthetically pleasing and relatively inexpensive; wrought iron is incredibly strong but also offers classic beauty; and glass creates an airy atmosphere but should be used with caution as it may lack some stability. Ultimately, when selecting the right balustrade materials, it's important to consider the intended application along with elements such as cost, safety, aesthetics, and how well the materials will complement each other.


When it comes to structural and architectural steelworks, one of the most important decisions you need to make is the type of balustrade material you'll use. Ferforje/black metal, stainless steel, and aluminium all make great choices for balustrades, but each has its own unique properties that should be taken into consideration. Ferforje adds classic elegance and strength to structures with a touch of rustic European charm, while stainless steel stands tough against harsh climates, frequent use, and environmental toxins. Aluminium is a lightweight option that won't corrode or discolour over time for lasting beauty and practicality. Whichever option you choose for your building project, Bromsgrove Steel can supply you with durable materials guaranteed to meet your specific requirements.


Glass is an increasingly popular material for balustrades due to its range of textures, colours, and various levels of transparency. The clarity rake glass panel by Bromsgrove Steel combines a minimalistic design with lightness in weight and creates an effortlessly modern look. This type of panel is perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, with its crystal clear surface making it perfectly suited to let both light and dark colours shine through. For those looking for something different, the reflections rake glass panel appears as though suspended in air, creating unique reflections of light that adds depth and a visually stunning effect to any project. Finally, the fusion glass stair pan provides an intense visual impact which is achieved by mixing colours within the individual or multiple railings. Whatever your preference, Bromsgrove Steel can help craft the perfect balustrade solution tailored exactly to your specific design needs.



Wood is often the chosen material for balustrade projects due to its classic yet contemporary style. White oak is a classic choice that can offer a simple, timeless look depending on the finish applied, while walnut offers an elegant and sophisticated feel with deep tones. Pine also works well in balustrades, providing durability and versatility with a wealth of decorative finishes available to best match your building project. White oak may be the most commonly used wood in balustrade projects, but whichever option you decide on is between pine or walnut, you can count on structurally sound finishes to add both aesthetic appeal and security to your structure.

Glass Balustrades are one option to consider when choosing the right balustrade materials

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Balcony Materials

When decorating and enhancing the exterior of your building, the materials you choose have an important impact on its overall style, function, maintenance requirements, and long-term durability. When deciding which materials best suit your balcony project, there are five critical factors to consider – style, function, maintenance, location, and environment. Styling should focus on creating a cohesive look with other elements used in the build. Functionality is paramount; balustrade materials must comply with both current building regulations and codes of practice for public safety.

Additionally, low-maintenance materials may be required for convenience or to minimise costs. Knowing the location of the building along with any potential environmental influences is determinative; weathering from salt water spray to acid rain can lead to premature deterioration unless appropriate treatments are selected. By understanding these implications when selecting balcony materials from Bromsgrove Steel's extensive range, you can create a stylish yet functional structure, ensuring lasting quality in any location or environment.


Construction projects, regardless of project size or budget, should always factor in quality over cost. Formal building projects such as balustrades and staircases require careful consideration when it comes to picking the right materials for a successful outcome. Here at Bromsgrove Steel, we take a no-compromise approach when it comes to our standard of service. At Bromsgrove, we pride ourselves on delivering the perfect combination of performance, value, and safety when selecting materials for your project.

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All aspects considered, the materials chosen for a project or used to upgrade an existing balustrade are indispensable as they directly impact its functionality and aesthetics. Different building projects will require different materials with properties that can withstand elements in their location and environment, with metals, wood, and glass being the most popular choices for balustrade materials. When making this important decision, it is wise to consider factors such as style, function, maintenance requirements, and budget. Always ensure that you are buying quality materials of optimum thickness that are customizable in size, texture, and design to fit any property curb appeal aspirations. After careful consideration of these crucial factors, you can be confident that the best balustrade material has been chosen for your building project. With Bromsgrove Steel's extensive product portfolio, we have a broad range of high-quality materials to suit any building project needs. Our experienced engineering team can also advise on fabrication methods to provide customised products tailored to your specific design requirements. Contact our team at Bromsgrove for further assistance today and make sure your vision becomes a reality!