Structural Steel Cutting

As part of our extensive manufacturing capabilities, Bromsgrove Steel provides in house cutting when fabricating structural steel; this includes cut to length operations and drilling prefabricated holes into the material.

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    Cutting and drilling operations can enhance the construction process, with prefabricated holes allowing for structures to be assembled without further onsite manufacturing operations.

    Working with this in mind, Bromsgrove Steel performs cutting and drilling operations to tight tolerances, following specifications outlined in design and detailing processes.

    Our skilled engineers are backed by years of experience, and can produce precision parts for a range of applications within the residential, commercial, and industrial sector; the cutting of material to exacting lengths is just one part of our process to ensure precise structural steel components are created.

    Steel can be cut using more traditional methods such as a saw, including a circular saw, hack saw, or band saw. A saw utilises one abrasive cutting tool to cut through the material.

    Alternatively, heat can be used to cut steel - gas and flame cutting may be used, as well as plasma and laser cutting. When using gas and flame, a mixture of oxygen and fuel heats the metal, before a further release of oxygen creates a chemical reaction which is able to cut through the metal; this method may also be known as oxygen-acetylene flame cutting.

    Shearing is another established method of cutting steel, using two blades to cut through the material.

    Other Structural Steel Services

    Alongside cutting operations, Bromsgrove Steel supplies bending and rolling, coded welding as directed by an in-house welding coordinator, and finishing operations. Our finishing operations include shot blasting; primer painting; intumescent painting; hot dipped galvanising; and powder coating, ensuring each structural steel part receives the correct finishing application. Working with only UKCA marked steel, and concluding manufacturing operations with quality checks and trial erections, Bromsgrove Steel takes pride in the quality of our products.

    We provide a nationwide service for the fabrication of structural steel, as well as our transportation and onsite services. Enabled by several forms of transportation, including Hiab Lorry Cranage, Bromsgrove Steel can deliver products to site. Our onsite services further extend to the installation and erection of structural steel, as enacted by certified personnel.

    Bromsgrove Steel provides these varied services for residential, commercial, and industrial applications of structural steel. Ranging from steel framing for houses, to bespoke, ornate handrail systems and balustrades, the structural steel products fabricated by Bromsgrove Steel are all-encompassing.

    Structural Steel Cutting