Extending your home can be an exciting prospect, though there are many variables to consider.

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    Bromsgrove Steel can simplify this process for our clients, assisting with the fabrication and construction operations involved in extending a home; we provide design advice, fabrication, and erection services for steel extension frames, working in collaboration with architects and builders.

    The engineers at Bromsgrove Steel have accumulated years of experience, and can seek resolutions to many difficulties which arise during the construction process.

    House extensions often incorporate the use of a steel frame within their structure for a more economic and practical method of construction. Structural steel can provide a faster and more cost-efficient method of extending a house when compared to relying on wet systems alone; wet systems are more susceptible to weather conditions and require time for drying, for instance. Structural steel, meanwhile, continues to offer the sufficient support provided by wet methods, and a flexible method of installation that accounts for numerous project specifications.

    The capacity at Bromsgrove Steel is dedicated towards fabricating steel to the highest quality, taking into consideration the requirements of our clients and their project management team.

    Mild steel, also known as plain carbon steel, is the most common type of steel used within residential construction. Carbon within steel is a hardening element, and the greater the carbon presence, the harder the steel; mild steel can have a varying carbon content, from low to high (2%). It is generally known for its strength and flexibility, however, and is suitable for many applications within construction.

    Structural steel is another popular type of steel, and can be found within the structure or base of a building; structural steel has a higher carbon content with reduced ductility in comparison to mild steel types, but can still be worked so as to form numerous profiles for construction applications.

    Rebar steel, moreover referred to as reinforcing steel, is a type of toughened carbon steel used to increase the tensile strength of a structure; it typically comes in the form of a bar used in conjunction with concrete structures.

    Whilst stainless steel is a gradation of steel, and is less regularly used, it still has a place within residential construction, and may be selected when hoping to achieve a certain look.

    Steel Frame House Extension

    Bromsgrove Steel provides a nationwide design-assist, fabrication, and erection service using only UKCA marked steel; we are approved up to execution class 2. Our expansive manufacturing capacity includes drilling and cutting operations, welding as directed by an in-house welding coordinator, and finishing services, all managed by CAD software. We further supply rigorous quality checks on all manufactured products to ensure the steel structures supplied by Bromsgrove Steel are both safe for, and complementary to, their individual applications.

    Our delivery and installation services are enabled by numerous forms of transportation, as well as carnage, providing our customers with an end-to-end, flexible service, dictated by their requirements.

    Bromsgrove Steel can fabricate all types of steel, the type being determined after establishing the specifications of each project.

    For home extensions, we can provide unrivaled service for the following products

    • Steel portal frames
    • Steel mono-pitch frames
    • Bespoke frame structures
    • Steel and stainless steel balustrades, with optional infill
    • Steel gates
    • Steel fencing
    • Steel doors
    We provide services for the installation of steel structures across the West Midlands