Apartment Blocks

Years of experience strengthen the knowledge and skill of the engineers at Bromsgrove Steel. Providing a variety of structural steel for the commercial sector, Bromsgrove Steel can fabricate steel structures for apartment blocks.

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    Working in conjunction with architects and structural engineers, Bromsgrove Steel can refine construction processes, manufacturing in consideration of eliminating construction obstacles.

    No matter the type of housing, whether student accommodation, mixed-use residence, or residential housing, steel framing can be used in the construction of apartment blocks. Steel framing offers an economical form of construction through prefabrication, saving invaluable time and costs. Steel framing is moreover a flexible material, with a desirable strength to weight ratio, accounting for structural integrity which adheres to tight regulations

    Bromsgrove Steel offer their services for the construction, extension, and renovation of apartment blocks, not only providing steel framing, but ingress and egress facilities alongside external security such as gates and fencing.

    The construction time for an apartment block is dependent on the specifications of the individual project. However, a time considerate construction process is always preferable for minimising costs and reducing disturbance to the surrounding area.

    During the build of an apartment block, several weeks must be allowed respectively for site infrastructure, the laying of foundations, the installation of framework, walls, and floors; this is followed by cladding of the masonry and roof.

    Structural Steel Elements For Apartment Blocks

    Bromsgrove Steel provides a nationwide service, delivering precision structural steel sections for apartment blocks and other buildings. We work with only UKCA marked steel, and are certified up to execution class 2, ensuring quality heads everything we do.

    Our expansive manufacturing capacity means Bromsgrove Steel can supply a complete fabrication process, from initial cutting and drilling, to finishing operations. CAD facilities exercised during steel detailing ensure sections are manufactured accurately and to tight tolerances, so as to minimise scrap.

    Bromsgrove Steel further supplies transportation and installation and erection services, enabled by multiple forms of transport. Our onsite teams hold CSCS and CPCS accreditations to ensure all onsite work is enacted safely and properly.

    Bromsgrove Steel manufactures all types of steel, so as to provide our clients with the most suitable material for their unique application.

    For apartment blocks, Bromsgrove Steel can provide the following structural steel elements:

    • Steel framing
    • Steel canopies
    • Steel staircases, balustrades and handrail systems
    • Fire escape systems
    • Steel gates, fencing and doors
    Bromsgrove provides steel and glass balustrades for apartment blocks' balcony or walkways.