Mezzanine Flooring

Fabricating structural steel for a multitude of purposes, Bromsgrove Steel have the experience and skill to manufacture bespoke and standardised steel mezzanine floors.

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    Our exhaustive manufacturing capacity is dedicated to producing high quality steel structures, working closely with clients to establish and fulfil their unique project requirements.

    A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor which does not span the complete floorspace of the floor below it, utilising vertical space to extend the floor capacity of a building, whilst still providing access to the floor below. Mezzanine floors can be found in residential and commercial spaces alike, though are commonly associated with industrial buildings where they may be used for storage or office space.

    No matter the complexity or simplicity of our client’s vision for a mezzanine floor, Bromsgrove Steel can offer design advice and manufacturing knowledge to aid a straightforward and cost-efficient construction process.

    What are the components of a mezzanine floor?

    A mezzanine floor will typically be made up of primary beams, purlins, columns, and flooring.

    The horizontal primary beams compromise the main support frame, along which vertical columns are placed to hold the flooring up, and evenly support the load. The purlins and decking then comprise the flooring for the mezzanine; flooring can be made from steel grating or plate, concrete, wood, or composite decking.

    What are the different types of mezzanine flooring?

    Commonly found in industrial applications, mezzanine flooring often consists of steel mesh or solid plates; wood; concrete; and resin.

    Steel mesh enables light to pass through the flooring, meaning the flooring underneath the mezzanine can be utilised to its full potential. Solid steel plates provide the same durability as steel grids, offering strength and smooth transportation of equipment and stock over its surface.

    Wooden mezzanine flooring is aesthetically appealing with good strength, however may be harder to clean than its steel counterpart, and can degrade within moist or wet environments.

    Concrete is applied over a steel frame or deck for mezzanine flooring. It can bear heavy loads and is not affected by the conditions of its environment; however, it is only suitable for a permanent mezzanine structure.

    Resin can be applied on steel frames for mezzanine flooring, offering a waterproof and durable flooring material.

    Steel Mezzanine Flooring

    Our capacity to fabricate steel components for mezzanine flooring encompasses CAD guided detailing, cutting and drilling, rolling, coded welding, and a range of finishes. Our finishing services include shot blasting, painting, galvanising, and powder coating, to ensure our mezzanine floors receive a finish appropriate for their application. Bromsgrove Steel’s nationwide services are completed on UKCA marked steel only, produced up to execution class 2.

    Our services further extend to the installation and erection of mezzanine flooring. The onsite team at Bromsgrove Steel are fully qualified, and supplied with multiple forms of transportation, so as to safely and efficiently deliver and handle products to site.

    Bromsgrove Steel can supply structural steel and steel flooring for mezzanine floors, including free-standing, rack supported, catwalk, and multi-level mezzanine flooring

    Bromsgrove Steel provides Steel Mezzanine Flooring construction and installation